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Note : Be aware that RefreshFM has been superseded by the Data Migration Tool from FileMaker itself, so that’s now the recommended way to do upgrades.

So RefreshFM is really only for the situation where you don’t have access to a machine that can run FileMaker Pro 16 ( you don’t need FMP 16, but the requirements for the DMT are the same as for FMP 16 ).


RefreshFM is now available for FileMaker 16 for Mac only as an unlocked solution, and therefore there is no longer a trial available.

RefreshFM Mac for FileMaker 16 is a single user licence, intended for a single developer, but can be used for all of that developer’s solutions. The site licence allows all users at a company to use RefreshFM.

RefreshFM 16 for Mac Unlocked

The developer licence is for a single user.

The Company Licence allows all developers within an organisation to use RefreshFM.

Old Version 15 Developer and Distribution Licence


The previous versions of RefreshFM for FileMaker 15 and earlier are no longer being sold direct, but contact us if you’re in need of older versions.