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The download consists of a single fmp12 file. All of the other required files are contained within the main file.

RefreshFM Version 16 for FMP 16 Mac Only

We have released a version of RefreshFM with the setup working in FileMaker Pro 16 for Mac only.  The changes to FMP in FileMaker 16 to switch from SDI to MDI mean a complete re-write of our automation engine.  This won’t be complete until FileMaker 17 at least.

In the mean time, you can run FileMaker 15 for Windows to do the setup and then run FileMaker 16 to import.  Or alternatively use this version of RefreshFM 16 to do the setup on the Mac and then copy the RefreshFM file to Windows to run the import.

This version of RefreshFM for Mac is a free update for anyone who has a previous licence version.

RefreshFM Version 15 for FMP 15

A complete version history
is also available.

RefreshFM Version 14
for FileMaker Pro 14

RefreshFM Version 3
for FileMaker Pro 13

RefreshFM Version 2
for FileMaker Pro 12

RefreshFM Version 1
for FileMaker Pro 11


RefreshFM uses the free BaseElements plugin, and the latest version is included in the main RefreshFM file, and will be installed automatically..
This plugin doesn’t require any licence codes to use, so you can use it in your own solutions and on as many machines as you want.